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Real Estate Development

Armarin Real Estate Section consists of high level, experienced and motivated civil engineers, architects,industrial engineers, economists, marketing experts and chartered accountants. The Group is caoching and managing by the CEO who has 30 years of working experiences in several sectors and 20 years experience in real estate.

Armarin positioned for opportunities in Istanbul’s real estate development with a unique organization and provides opportunities for international investors to participate to the real estate projects.

Armarin enables high return low risk projects with a yield of 70%-150 % within 3-5 years using local know-how in identifying best locations and putting together the best teams in construction supply chain from architects to contractors.

Armarin's most fundamental role to serve as an intermediary between the construction companies that build the buildings and the businesses that use them. During this stage Armarin develops businesses that provide the optimum value in functionality, location and cost. Armarin’s leverage is coming from its real estate, business and construction expertise.

Armarin has long term strategy and bright vision that is looking years - even decades - beyond today's world to determine what buildings will be needed, and where. Armarin imagines a residential, commercial building, an industrial park or shopping mall, or even an entire commercial district in a currently undeveloped area by looking into the future and projecting what tomorrow's businesses and consumers will need.

Finally Armarin is an entrepreneur who seeks out opportunity, drives it to reality and becomes a minority partner of the investment.

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